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BTS Logo Gear White
BTS Logo Gear White
Based in Boynton Beach, Florida, Brooks Technical Solutions, Inc. has been helping clients bring their invention ideas to reality since 1996. BrooksTech has clients/vendors throughout the United States and overseas.

Dwight Brooks, President of Brooks Technical Solutions Inc., is a degreed mechanical engineer with over 30 years experience and has nine patents. Dwight has worked on a variety of consumer and industrial products including a refrigerant reclamation machine that was recognized as being a unique approach for improved airflow, handling and cord storage as well as a distinctive product appearance. Other projects include animal/pet products, novelty items, medical/dental devices, an unmanned drone submarine, a Freon gas detector, sporting and exercise equipment, home and kitchen accessories, complex enclosures and mechanisms, a gaming console, and personal and wearable electronics. All designed using SolidWorks.

I retained Mr. Brooks to do the engineering work on both my inventions. His ability to listen to my needs and desires was excellent. I was very pleased with the work he did and I will definitely use his services for future projects.

Jeff C. Fort Lauderdale, FL

…Brooks Technical Solutions consistently does excellent CAD designs. BrooksTech makes it very easy to build all of his prototypes because of excellent knowledge on his end of the processes. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Robert T. – Quickparts