Entrepreneur Services

Do you have a new idea or invention that you want to develop further?
BrooksTech offers numerous services to help from prototype to production.

A typical project usually is divided into phases. These phases may include the following services depending on the specifics of the project:

Product Design

& Funding


& Marketing

BrooksTech offers a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your project and determine the next steps. This call is usually most effective if you can provide sketches or images via email preceding the call. If you require that an NDA is in place before the discussion, BrooksTech is happy to sign one that is provided or you can download one from our website. If you feel that more time is necessary to discuss your options and decide on a project approach, BrooksTech offers one hour block consultations prepaid through PayPal.

Product Design

Product Definition – Many inventors have a idea that may need to be more fully defined in order to determine the best way to proceed. BrooksTech can help you write that definition. This definition will assist you in knowing what the features of your product will have and what the pros and cons are of each. It may require that research is done to make these determinations. The result of this service is usually a written product specification.

Initial Product Design – Using the written definition as a reference, a simple 3D product design can be generated that can be used to support your patent and show you the basic functionality of your product. The deliverables of this service are typically a 3D model and images to visually describe them.

Industrial Design – Many products rely on an interesting look to set them apart from the competition. If you determine that this is critical to your success, a number of looks will be generated for your product for you to select from. These are in the form of 2D images. Examples of this can be seen on the “Case Study” page.
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Legal & Funding

Patents – BrooksTech works with a number of local patent attorneys to protect your intellectual property.

Intellectual Property – If your idea is patentable, it is important that you have taken the steps to protect your idea. If you are not already working with a patent attorney, BrooksTech can recommend one to you. If you are already working with an attorney, you may need your concept images refined to a level sufficient to include with your patent.

Funding – In order to be financially able to get your product to full production, you may need assistance. A great resource for entrepreneurs that has become available in the past years is crowd funding. A couple of the sites that are popular are KickStarter and Indiegogo (see links page). BrooksTech has experience that can aid you with creating your campaign to raise the funds you require.
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Design for Prototype – Most inventors want to do a proof of concept of their idea through the use of a working demonstrable prototype. In order to have one created, a 3D model needs to be generated that is sufficient to build one. This service will provide you with 3D files that can be used by prototypers to build one.

Prototype Construction – BrooksTech has a long history with numerous resources both domestic and off shore to build a quality prototype of your product. Whether you require a single sample or a limited run, we can support that.

Product Evaluation – BrooksTech offers services to help you evaluate the prototype and determine what changes need to be made in order to get the product ready for production. These services could involve environmental testing or marketing related services.
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Production & Marketing

Design for Assembly – All designs are optimized for ease of manufacturing and assembly to save you money producing your product.

Production – When you are ready to turn on production and start selling your product, BrooksTech can support that with trusted partners in the US and China.

Product Scanning – Produce a 3D part from the laser scan of an existing part.

Product Simulation – Create a video using your 3D model to simulate operation or put it into a virtual setting.

Marketing Support – Logos, Websites and Promotional Material can all be supported.
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Brooks Technical Solutions was able to take my idea about a life saving device and turn it into a virtual reality via 3D Cad Design, tweaking the design to my likings and complete the physical product without delay at a reasonable cost. BrooksTech is my complete professional resource to create my invention.


Our company has employed Brooks Technical Solutions for design work with our filtered water bottles. We found Dwight to be insightful and a very accomplished designer. His attention to detail saved us money and time and his recommendations for prototyping were excellent. It is our opinion that you will be well served by Dwight…

Dr. Abraham K., Managing Director, Nubo Bottle Company, LLC

…attention to detail has eliminated cost by “doing it right the first time”… BrooksTech consistently delivers on schedule…wants to see their clients’ dreams become reality and will take the extra steps to make it happen.

Jade C. , Owner, Made by a Mom Like You – Seaside Chef Products